Click on any of the song titles (to the left) to see a list of shows where that song has been played. If the song you're looking for isn't listed here, it's because it hasn't been played in any of the shows for which I have setlists posted. Once you get the list of shows where that song was played, you can click the date of that show to see the setlist or reviews from the show. In some cases, I don't have a setlist for the show, but I have a short review that mentioned a few song titles, and so those songs have been archived here.

This list contains the songs from all of the 1998 and 1999 shows that I have received setlists or reviews for. I still have a few older setlists to add to this page, and I also may be getting some more late 1998 and early 1999 setlists from the Onelist archives when I get the chance to dig through them. As always, if you have any setlists from concerts that I don't have (either old or recent!), please send them to me. Thanks!