Other Emmet Sites

Check out the Official Emmet Swimming site for info about the band, as well as their Wikipedia and Facebook pages.
Also, you can see earlier versions of the site here (and here and Quitter UK's site before they expired.

Todd Watts started a blog with info about emmet's early days at toddwatts.blogspot.com.

Scotty's side project is The Hypersonic Secret.
Sarah Lawrie started an unofficial mailing list a couple years ago over at Yahoo (okay, it started at Onelist, then they got bought by eGroups, which was acquired by Yahoo). You can subscribe here.

Rolling Stone page.

Launch @ Yahoo page.

Aware store page.

Here's an old DWTSF era page on IUMA (a site for independent and unsigned artists) featuring an old bio of emmet including a list of some nice awards that they won for their first album.

A German fan site: http://www.uni-weimar.de/~harder1/emmet/

Another fan site: http://www.duke.edu/~sy4/emmet.html


The following mp3s are available:
Big Night Without You (from the enhanced CD portion of BNWY)
Clean Water (1992 version - slower)
The Dance(promo, off of "BITNE")
Clean Water (promo, off of "DWTSF")
Fist Like A Glove (promo, off of "BNWY")
Playing House (live - promo, off of "Earplugs 50")
Silver Star (Christmas single)


Big Night Without You
Pop Stops
Slavicsky's Smorgasbord
Tatapoum (my favorite, but I think that's just the computer-aided translation)

Arlington To Boston

Interviews & Articles

Dana Steinberg from On Tap interviewed the guys for their March 2007 issue here.

Eric Brace from the Washington Post hosted an online chat with Todd Watts on October 1, 1999. You can check out the transcript.

Greg Barbera talked to Todd Watts on June 13, 1998 for the Spectator Magazine.

An interview with Todd Watts on August 22, 1996 in Pause & Play (about halfway down the page).

Marlene Hall interviewed the band for the November 2, 1995 (UVA) Cavalier Daily.

Finally, check out the Ultimate Band List for pretty comprehensive lists of band websites. You can check out their their emmet swimming page or search for other bands:

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