This Kid Walks Into A Bar...
Screaming Goddess Records
SGR 057
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  1. Heading South (3:23)#
  2. Just Called A Cab (3:07)
  3. No Matter What You Say (3:04)
  4. Crawl (3:45)
  5. Same As Me (5:29)
  6. Big Night Without You (2:28)*
  7. Three Years Ago (3:33)%
Vocals, Guitar: Todd Watts
Guitar, Vocals: Erik Wenberg
Bass, Vocals: Scott Brotemarkle
Drums, Percussion: Tamer Eid

Music: emmet swimming
Lyrics: Watts

Producer: Marco Delmar
Recorded at: Recording Arts, Fairfax, VA
Engineer: Marco Delmar, Stephanie Milne, Ken Barnum, and Jessica Bowles
Mastered by: Bill Wolf
* Producer: Peter Collins
* Recorded At: Ocean Way, Nashville, TN
* Engineer: Paul David Hager
* Mixer: Paul David Hager
% Producer: Don Dixon
% Recorded at: Reflections Studio, Charlotte, NC
% Engineer: Mark Williams
% Mixer: Don Dixon

Additional musicians:
# Saxes: Chris Watling
# Trumpet: Brad Clements
# Trombone: Doug Eliot
*% Bass: Luke Michel

Heading South

Just Called A Cab

No Matter What You Say


Same As Me

Big Night Without You

I need a night without you
I never bet on football anymore
The kicker stared at the goal post
Missed wide right, but I don't care

I wanna eat when the food's just there
The waiter came but you weren't there

I need a night without you
I never watch westerns anymore
And there's a double feature
I'd never go if you were here

The bad guys drew and John Wayne stared
The town was saved but you weren't there

I need a night without you
My friends are all meeting at the bar
I just drank six white liquors
And yellow stuff in a wine glass
The bartender paid my fare
I stumbled home but you weren't there

Big night without you

Three Years Ago

Heard you went away
Nothing much to say
Heard you went away
I'd be someone someday

Three years ago
I said no
Told you to go
Three years ago
'Cause I said so
I said so

And that's the sound of regret
Escaping down the pavement
And that's the sum of my fears
Ringing in your ears