Silver Star
Screaming Goddess Records
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  1. Silver Star (3:37)
Vocals, Guitar: Todd Watts
Vocals, Guitar: Erik Wenberg
Bass: Scott Brotemarkle
Drums, Percussion: Tamer Eid

Music: emmet swimming
Lyrics: Watts

Silver Star

Took an hour to pack the car
Hope it's warm and safe where you are
And as I drive across the sound
The snow keeps falling down

And the road is closed ahead
Wish I was drinking with you in your bed
But I'm stuck outside of town
And the snow keeps falling down

Does your tree shine brightly?
Does it have a silver star
When the daylight finds me
Is it Christmas where you are?

And I woke up Christmas day
Just as the plow trucks drove away
Where have you been lately?
Merry Christmas baby