In September
Prehistoric People Geniuses

  1. Chemical (4:59)^$#
  2. Wind (5:01)*@
  3. Don't Tell Me It's Over (4:24)%&
  4. More To Love (4:00)%~
  5. Don't Go (4:30)*@
  6. In September (5:10)^+
  7. Freedom (3:41)*&
  8. Marie (3:19)%$
  9. Lonely Train (3:26)
Vocals, Guitar, Keys: Erik Wenberg
Drums, Percussion: Tamer Eid*, Nik Hughes% and Eddie Anzueto^
Bass: Erik Wenberg+, Scott Brotemarkle&, Marco Delmar@, Brian Keating$ and Jon Nazdin~

Music & Lyrics: Erik Wenberg

Producer: Marco Delmar
Recorded at: Recording Arts, Fairfax, VA
Engineer: Marco Delmar, Stephanie Milne, Stefanie Gogerty, Ken Barnum, and Jessica Baber
Mastered by: Bill Wolf

Additional musicians:
# Sax: Davey Yarborough



Don't Tell Me It's Over

More To Love

Don't Go

In September



Lonely Train