December 13, 2003
Quitter UK

  1. Waiting Around In The Dark (Chuck vox)
  2. Young Again
  3. Honeysuckle
  4. Waltzing The New House
  5. Off Key Choir
  6. Maybe God Is A Practical Joker (Chuck vox)
  7. Stay Up Late (Talking Heads in honor of Chuckís forthcoming baby)
  8. Coming Home
  9. All That She Pretends (Scott vox)
  10. Sputnik, Baby!
  11. Not Enough You ->
  12. Blue Christmas
  13. Fishermanís Blues
  14. Kiss
  15. Maybe We Should Just Pretend (Chuck vox)
  16. Where Is My Mind? (Scott vox)
Norm's review:

Scotty and Chuck are formerly from Smartbomb and they have played with Todd and ES, along with David many a time. I have seen Eric around before, but I have no clue on his background. There was also a stunt guitarist there (for which song folks?). Johnny X, a.k.a. strap-on played a funky part. I have seen him around a few times too, but again, no clue on his background.

They played way too short of a set, but it was very nice.

I passed out-no silly, I handed out, the flyers for the ES show at the 9:30 Club on Friday January 9th. I had to explain to a bunch of folks what the connection was. Most were new to ES, but liked the QUK show and promised me they would show up in January. I met a nice lady doing the flyer for Hungry for Music (btw, Todd said he is an HfM alum), Barb who definitely will be there. Since she was wearing a ring, I made her promise to bring her evil twin sister too. All of you need to be there.

Be sure to check out the Hungry for Music website:

I did not see anyone that I recognized from the list, but someone (old man) recognized me (sir, you took me by TOTAL surprise, so your name is...again?). There was also a cute lady (no ring) with a snowflake bag there that looked familiar, but she was off talking to David and I too shy to introduce myself anyway. 'fess up.

Btw, I am single again, so anyone wanna fix me up with a nice, fun-loving lady for the ES show, email me-Iím six-foot tall with a wicked sense of humor, etc.

I talked to Todd before and after the show and QUK is planning to get an album out this spring, if it does not turn into work. He is looking forward to the ES show. He is thinking about some way to get an e-list of all the ES fans. He was thinking of giving away a free downloadable song (demo from days past, perhaps) if you would sign up for ESemail. That way folks could learn about shows/news and the band would not have to pony up prohibitive postage.