June 1, 2003
Herndon Town Green
Herndon Festival

  1. Fake Wood Trim
  2. Expect Me
  3. Boones Farm Wine
  4. Fist Like A Glove
  5. Off Key Choir
  6. Motorway
  7. The Dance
  8. Parking Lot
  9. Tom Collins
  10. Angel Of The Morning
  11. Sunblock
  12. Don't Call Her (Erik vox)
  13. Clean Water
  14. Turnstile
  15. 8:45
  16. Bullet In Your Hand
  17. Broken Oar
  18. Arlington

First emmet show in six months, and nearly flawless. Todd said "we overprepared", and it seemed true. The setlist was great: first "Fist Like A Glove" in two years, and they broke out "Angel Of The Morning" - it's been three years or more since they've played that.