March 8, 2003
Todd Watts acoustic
TT Reynolds

  1. Kiss &
    Is it just me, or is that '(Momma's Got A) Squeeze Box' song dirty?
  2. Three Years Ago
  3. Listen To The River
    This spork matches our china pattern
    Taco salad is the featured special
  4. Angels
  5. Coming Home #
  6. Big Houses #
    Dave's bustass solo in 'Baby Got Back'
  7. Honeysuckle #
  8. Fisherman's Blues #
    The taco salad is fresh today
  9. Waltzing The New House #
    I felt this deep glow on my thigh
  10. Not Enough You #
  11. Bullet *
  12. Where Is My Mind? * (Scott vox)
  13. Waitress In The Sky * (Scott vox)
  14. When Morning Comes *
    I squeezed my butt muscles and got all the air out of them I could
  15. Fake Plastic Trees *
    The more you drink, the better I sound
  16. Reel Around The Fountain $
    Pin and mount me like a butterfly, ladies and gentlemen
  17. Levi Stubbs' Tears $
  18. Girlfriend In A Coma $
  19. Guru
    Springfield in the hizzouse
  20. Clean Water
  21. Sunblock
    I was going to write that about a plumber's vacation
  22. Parking Lot
  23. 17 Hours
    Put me within stumbling distance of TTs
  24. You're So Pretty
  25. Angel Of The Morning
  26. emmet swimming
  27. Bill
  28. 8:45
  29. Boones Farm Wine
    We ripped this off for 'Fist Like A Glove'
  30. Lisa Says
  31. Wish You Were Here
    Speaking of your box, here's the mailman song
  32. Mailman

& during John Ireland's set
# Scott Brotemarkle, Dave Strickland, Eric Vislay
* Scott Brotemarkle, Dave Strickland
$ John Ireland

norman umberger wrote:
>I'll leave the set list and thoughtful commentary to Kerry (were you in the Dive shirt?) and John (aka F. Mac the Penguin--hope you enjoyed the drinks I bought you and your harem!). I had a good time there--always too crowded and too smokey. I even got my wife to go with me (sorry ladies!).

Yep, that was me.

>The show got started after 10P with the Jon Ireland Band/Duo/Group. Jon has opened for Todd at TTR before. He is a pleasant opener--melodic and not overpowering. Todd did a special falsetto number with Jon.

Prince's "Kiss".

>Todd played battery-charged acoustic with a number of tunes I did not recognize. Notable tunes--Clean Water, Bullet in Your Hand, the Waterboys' Fisherman Blues (recently read a good quote about the album that song is one), the Replacement's Waitress in the Sky (imagine if anyone in the plane knew you were Paul Westerberg), and the first-set-ending Radiohead standard--Fake Plastic Trees (is that redundant?). Scott of Smartbomb, Eric __, and Dave Strickland--accordion Dave were the band (collectively known as quitter UK too).

He said Chuck (Andrada) was in Virginia Beach, otherwise it would have been all of them. He also let on there's a new Quitter U.K. date - May 17th at Iota.

>I noticed that a bunch of folks left before Todd went on stage--I guess they like the drinks and food at TTR (food, btw is most excellent and the bar staff first-class). We had to leave at midnight-ish when the first set ended in order to make the 2-hour drive home to the sitter and sporks.

But you missed much more entertainment. I think my favorite part was when he said we had a choice between "Sunblock" and "Parking Lot" (weighing in at 200 pounds). When he went with "Sunblock", someone called out "Gangsta" (original version of Sunblock), and a number of people called out the old lyrics througout the song. Todd looked like he was having a hard time keeping a straight face. My favorite song was "Lisa Says" (the Velvet Underground classic), which I haven't heard in years. Eric was missed for the harmonies he does during the chorus, but the crowd did its part.