August 12, 2000
Nightclub 9:30
Washington, D.C.
Opening: Ebo

I'll Be Fine
Stealing from the Joneses
Expect Me
Off Key Choir
Clean Water
Train Slows Down
The Dance
Parking Lot
Can't Wait (cover sung by Erik)
Broken Oar (with Scott from Smartbomb)
Carried Away
Tom Collins
? (cover by Erik)
Fist Like a Glove
Fake Wood Trim
When the World Is Running Down (cover by Erik)
Sunblock (with Scott)
Hey Jesse (with Tamer & Derrick together on drums)
So Lonely

Hey all! I think the 9:30 show last night just may be the best emmet show I've ever attended. If not, it was definitely up there at the top! Ebo was fantastic as always (their new CD is great!) and emmet was just in great form. They seemed very happy and into it, and the crowd was fantastic. Todd talked to the crowd a lot more than he did at the last two shows I saw (Alley Katz & TT's), but I couldn't understand much of what he said. Still, I think that showed even more how happy and relaxed he seemed to be. I was up near the front, dead center, and everyone around me was singing along to practically every song at the top of their lungs. That's got to be exciting for the band. It's amazing what a huge following emmet has here.

A huge chunk of the crowd hung around after Arlington and was chanting first "emmet! emmet!" and then "one more song! one more song!" but we finally gave up when the crew guys started cleaning up the stage. I did spot Erik off to the side of the stage and thought maybe he'd jump back up, but no such luck. I also kind of missed hearing "Bullet", one of my favorites, but the energy at the show was so excited and upbeat that it would have been odd if they'd played it. During "So Lonely", when Erik was about to start singing the "I come from the land down under" part, he waited a little longer than usual and the whole crowd just started singing it for him. He looked surprised, then was sort of laughing, then just kind of waved at the crowd to continue, and he only jumped in at the very end for the part "You better run, you better take cover" and then transitioned back into "So Lonely." It was cool to see the whole crowd that into the song. :)

Anyway, enough from me. That show was so fantastic, it's made me even more eager to see the band again. I hope they come back to Charlottesville soon!