July 29, 2000
Alley Katz
Richmond, Virginia
Opening: Ebo

I'll Be Fine
Stealing from the Joneses
Off Key Choir
Clean Water
Train Slows Down
Tom Collins
Broken Oar
Carried Away
Parking Lot
Fist Like a Glove
The Dance
Jump in the Water
Bullet in Your Hand
Can't Wait (sung by Erik)
Fake Wood Trim
? (another cover sung by Erik)
Hey Jesse (the longest drum solo i've ever seen by derrick)
So Lonely

The show was great! As other people mentioned, the band was really into it. Todd was grinning a lot and the whole band seemed really into it. Todd didn't talk as much as he has in past shows; I can't remember a single funny story to relate to you guys. But needless to say, the show was awesome. Ebo was a great opener. This was definitely one of the best crowds I've seen at an emmet show. Almost everyone was singing along, and people were bouncing around and getting really into it. AK was also a nice venue (it was my first time there) despite the heat. I just hope the enthusiasm of the crowd is enough to encourage the guys to play a few more shows for us! Looking forward to the 9:30...