July 7, 2000
T.T. Reynolds
Fairfax, Virginia
Todd solo acoustic
Opening: Dave (from Ebo) & Chuck (from Smartbomb)

Todd alone:

Listen to the River
Jump in the Water
The Bell (a song recorded during A to B but left off in favor of big houses. thanks to justin for letting me know the right title, i was guessing "three years")
Angel of the Morning (cover)
Train Slows Down
Long Way Down
Clean Water
Parking Lot
You're So Pretty

Then, the following were done with Scotty (from Smartbomb) on bass and David Strickland playing accordian:

Under the Milky Way (cover, The Cure)
Big Houses
A Season (beautiful!!)
Fisherman (cover)
Lip Service (Scotty sang this one; a Smartbomb song)
When Morning Comes
Bullet in Your Hand
Don't Dream (cover sung by Chuck, with Dave from Ebo on backup vocals, but Todd, Scotty, and accordian Dave doing the instruments)
Hold You/Tide (two covers)
Waitress (sung by Scotty; anyone know if this is a Smartbomb song?)
Fake Plastic Trees (cover, Radiohead)
Walk on the Ocean (sung by Scotty)
Mailman (cover)

so, that was it. i must say that i was quite disappointed that i didn't get to hear "lose yourself" which i thought he usually played at these things. todd went the democratic way and let the crowd choose between "so pretty" and "lose yourself" and i lost. :(

some other random things...

"starsky and hutch" were what ebo dave and smartbomb chuck decided they should call themselves. oh, they did some cool cover songs in their opening bit, by the way. later on when todd was calling them up to the stage to do "don't dream," he was looking out into the audience saying "starsky? starsky?"

someone named kim said it was her birthday, and todd said he'd sing her the birthday song if he could play the chords that erik does. so, she didn't get sung to...

the "strawberry carpet stains" was a funny story. i think that was the only story that todd really told that night? anyway, someone in the audience handed him a shot of vodka or something and he said "this isn't rum, is it?" and proceeded to tell us all how back in high school, he and a friend drank a whole bottle of rum and then he threw up all over his parents' carpet and left this big red stain on it. then he told his father that he'd thrown up some soda and it was the color of the caramel dye in the soda... hm, did i get that story right? it doesn't quite make sense to me any more, so i must have missed something. anyway, that was the gist of it.

i can't really think of what else to say about the show. i don't think that it lived up to my expectations, i'm afraid to say... what do the rest of you guys think? i think i like concerts with the full band better. i'm not sure if it's because that was just my first todd solo show and i had really high expectations. but i think a big part of what makes emmet cool is the dynamic between the band members, which was obviously not there. but aside from that, i loved hearing songs like "a season", "when morning comes" and "listen to the river", which are rarely played at full-band shows.