April 15, 2000
T. T. Reynold's
Fairfax, Virginia
Todd Watts Acoustic

Hey all.. If you missed the Acustioc show at TT Reynolds, Todd was fantastic (just a bit off from the time off and being at a batchelor party JUST prior to the show..). He was in a "fun" and extremely good mood. BTW does anyone remember the line "something something something" in Jump in the Water ;-) He stated the band is fine taking a little time off is all and of all things he has a J.O.B. (The shame of it all). The set included: Turnstile Jump In the Water Arlington Pretty Guru Listen to the River Cure - Without You Clean Water Angel in the Morning Cold (?) Didnt recognize it (New or am I forgetfull) Big Houses Cure - Milky Way Tonight (? - Forgot the actual name of the tune) Bullet in my Hand WaterBoys - Fisherman You Got Everything Everything Has a Season The Real Thing (New?) (Encore) - Spot in the Ocean Really good show. Todd was definately in good spirits (In more ways than one) and very upbeat. In any case, Keep tuned for a 50cent tree.. I JUST transferred the (Offically Approved for your listening pleasure by Todd) Bootleg to my computer and it is VERY clean... :-) Later People, Charles