November 19, 1999
The Brewery
Raleigh, North Carolina
Opening, 2 bands: Locomotive & Ebo

[Thanks to Krista & Caryn for the setlist & reviews!]

Arlington [line was: Just like Raleigh]
Tom Collins
I'll Be Fine
The Dance
Stealing From The Joneses
Off Key Choir
Train Slows Down
South Bristol, ME [for the boys planted from Maine.]
[Todd did this rap about Phil the sound man]
Parking Lot
Bullet In Your Hand
Can't Wait
Carried Away
Hey Jesse *
Broken Oar
Fake Wood Trim
[ E n c o r e : ]
Hungry Like The Wolf

* "this is a song about North Carolina" -Todd. Dave, of Ebo, ran up during the solo and played some of it with Derrick. And then Derrick used Dave's head as the drums.

[Krista's Review:]

Once the boys played South Bristol, ME, that's when Todd "fucked up the setlist again." Sorry about the language but Todd said it! I didn't get a copy of the setlist but what they played was pretty much what was on the setlist. They didn't have an encore listed though.

Oh yes....I met some really great people tonite - the Maine boys and the UNC-W folks...Caryn, Rachel...

One other thing....there were two opening bands - Lokamotive and Ebo. Check out Ebo! They're from Virginia. They're awesome. They have one indie release and one major label release. Buy them These guys are awesome. You won't be disappointed. Their songs are pretty fun....sort of like Emmet, I guess?

[Caryn's Review:]

Dear All-

It was an interesting show, to say the least. We got there at like the perfect time, and I was oh-so-perfectly buzzing. I found Luke, went up to him, and talked to him for a while. Then, I found Derek...he was very drunken. He stayed and talked to me for a while. It was cool. Also ran into Krista...she was very nice. I enjoyed meeting her.

The opening band was "Locomotive" put it nicely...they sucked. They seemed kind of cool at first, but the lead singer seemed high/drunk on everything imaginable. Maybe he's always like that, I'm not sure... And, he tried to grab me from the stage...I didn't like that, since he was already scaring the crap out of me! So...they finally went off.

Next opening band was Ebo. The Brewery had been playing the Marvelous 3 in between bands, and if you don't know, the Marvelous 3 are my second favorite band in the entire world...I was a lil buzzed, and I was singing pretty loudly. The lead singer of Ebo noticed and was like "who is this?" and I told him, and we started talking...I kind of lied to him and said that Ebo was my 3rd fav band...hehe...oh well, it seemed to make him happy. So, Ebo played...kicked usual. It was the second time I'd seen them...loved them both times. And I liked how he kept talking to me from one point he dedicated a song to "everyone from Wilmington" hehe.

So, we're hanging around waiting for emmet. Bart (from the list) comes up to our group and was like "Are you Caryn?" And I still have no idea how he knew I was me. He was really nice. Also, I met the infamous "Maine Boys" who were rather drunken, but nice nonetheless. Oh roommate is waiting on her ring...Maine Boy...LOL.

So...they come out. Todd had been in a crappy mood (I heard from Krista) but I was pleasantly surprised at his energy. He did look rather depressed at made me pretty sad. At least he smiled when he saw me :-)

Before the encore, Todd said "Since we can't get off the stage, I guess we'll keep playing" or something like that, lol.

Yay! Todd did his little dance during Hey Jesse. It was cute :-) was a great show!

I'm glad the boys are getting a break...they deserve it!