Friday, November 12, 1999
Charlottesville, Virginia

Thanks to Dan & John for the setlist & reviews!

Broken Oar
Hey Jesse
Bullet in Your Hand
Fist Like a Glove
Carried Away
Parking Lot
The Dance
Can't Wait (Replacements cover sung by Erik)
Fake Wood Trim
Train Slows Down
Off Key Choir
I'll Be Fine
Stealing from the Joneses
Tom Collins

[ E n c o r e : ]
So Lonely
Hungry like the wolf

[Dan's review:]

Hey all--

Just got back from the show tonight at Trax.... it was great! Let me just say that Todd was in rare form.... they came out about 30 minutes late--I think he used the time to down at least another pitcher of beer. Small crowd tonight, but they were very into it. At the very beginning Todd came out and asked us which we would rather have them do--play the set list, or play the set list backwards. So of course we had them do it backwards.

During Parking Lot, Todd broke three strings on his guitar, so while he was tuning his replacement, Derrick and Luke started jamming the beginnings of songs. Among others, they played Rock & Roll (Zeppelin) and We Will Rock You. For Rock You, the crowd started getting into it, and Todd started singing the few words he knew. After all that, they went straight into Judas and forgot about Clean Water. Oh well, it was worth it. Todd just basically said and did anything that came to mind tonight. For example, someone yelled that it was his birthday last week. In response Todd said, "Well happy birthday, but it's far too late for me to get you a fucking present, so sorry about that." Todd also seemed to enjoy playing his guitar neck against the mic stand alot tonight. But there were far too many random things that he did to even begin to delve into them all. For the encore, Todd came out by himself and said that the band sent him out to tell jokes. So we asked for one, and he responded with, "So two lesbians were fucking this alligator.... I stole that one from Buddy Hackett." It was hysterical. At the end of Hungry, Derrick got up on top of his set and started playing up there. Then he proceeded to knock over half of his set. Todd picked him up and did a fireman's carry with Derrick until he ended up dropping Derrick on the stage. It looked like it hurt. Then Derrick got back up and knocked over the rest of his set as the boys finished. I really didn't know what to think of that.... it was funny, but the boys didn't look all that happy with him, and I don't blame them. In all, a great show... even if they did leave out Jump in the Water and 8:45, among others. Derrick is an amazing drummer, and gets better everytime I see him play. Sorry you couldn't be there, Kara. Until next time, Dan

[John's review]

I don't know what more I can add to Dan's description, it was excellent. I'll just drop some notes: At the end of Arlington, Todd said "Thank you, and goodnight" and pretended to leave the stage. Then he "remembered" that Arlington was the first song, not the last, and came back to the mic.

Sunblock was a very "rocky" version, lots of heavy guitar.

_Hey Jesse_ had two solos- Erik had a minor solo, and a decent period where he led and Derrick followed, and Derrick had a 10 minute or so solo by himself. After the song, Erik asked the crowd how they liked having _Hey Jesse_ played so early into the set list. No one really said anything, and Erik said "I bet you can't tell the difference between this and a regular set..."

Todd prefaced _Fake Wood Trim_ with a disclaimer about how it was his attempt at a political song, from "back when I used to get fired up. Back in the day!"

Train was prefaced with "This is our half-assed attempt at writing a country song.."

During the interlude between Train and Judas, Todd played the first few chords of Aerosmith's _Walk this Way_, then Queen's _We will rock you_. Todd actually sang a little of the second.

Right before Turnstile, Erik said something that caused Todd and him to laugh, "how great that instead of starting on a sad note, we're ending on a sad note.."

After _Hungry like the wolf_, Derrick went a little crazy. He jumped on Todd's back, then swung upside-down, while still hanging onto Todd. It looked kinda like this:

V |<
|< |
O |

I'll thank you not to comment on my artistic skills. I got the point across- Derek was hanging upside-down, looking into Todd's rear. He eventually fell off, rather hard. Todd/Erik/Luke did not look amused. Actually, Luke looked ambivalent. He always looks ambivalent. Derek then started taking apart his drum set and throwing pieces down, but Todd kind of settled him down.