Saturday, November 6, 1999
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia
Opening: Carbon Leaf

[Thanks to Caryn for a great review and setlist, as always!]

Luke's setlist:

Broken Oar
Tom Collins
Stealing from the Joneses
I'll Be Fine
Bullet in Your Hand
Motorway [didn't play!]
Train Slows Down
Boston *
Jump in the Water
Fake Wood Trim
Can't Wait
Hey Jesse
Parking Lot [didn't play!]

And, no encore :-(

* They played "Boston" for some woman who had a birthday on Saturday. It was soooooooo good. I'd never heard it live.

Dear All-

I went to ODU for the Saturday show, and had a blast. We got there kind of early and were walking around trying to find where they were playing in Webb Center (the Student Union) and we saw Todd, Luke, and Erik lounging on these sofas. Todd yelled out to me, and my friends and I went over and talked to the guys for like half an hour. It was a lot of fun. They are a lot of fun!!

Turns out that they were playing in a cafeteria! There were tons of chairs set up, and this dance floor type place right in front of the stage. The opening band (Carbon Leaf) was bad. Or, I didn't care for them, and neither did my pals.

The band finally came out on the stage, and Todd was squinting out at the crowd (we were still in our seats, far from the stage). After they warmed up, Todd went into this spill about how last time they played in a cafeteria something bad happened, and a law suit almost occurred, and he begged everyone to please stay in their seats. So, of course I walked up to the stage right then (my friends followed me) and Todd grinned at us and said "troublemakers." And soon after more people came up to the dance floor, but a lot of people were still sitting down. I've never been to an emmet show where people sat down. It was weird.

OK, here's the coolest part of the entire evening. Usually, I ask Todd to play songs before the shows, but this time I didn't request a single song, I wanted to be surprised with what they played.

So, during the show, Todd said "This next one is for Caryn and her friends, who came all the way from Wilmington to see us...thanks for coming out guys." And played BULLET! Heh, it was very cool. I knew he knew that it's my song, but I didn't know that he'd remember my name. Todd rules :-)

Afterwards we hung out, I met Charlie from the list. Talked to Derek for a while, and Todd for a while.

Todd said he'd try to learn Angel again for me, for the Raleigh show. We'll see if that happens :-)

After we left Webb Center, we were driving around, and went to see a couple of my friend's friends who go to ODU. When we were done, we stopped at this random convience store, got drinks, then were waiting outside by our car for someone to call back who we'd paged from the phonebooth. Luke and Erik walk up out of nowhere, and come over to us to say hey again, and we talked to them for a while. They went inside to get drinks or whatever, and then Todd and Phil came up too. Todd was looking at me funny, then started to laugh, and said "I thought you were drinking a 40!!" and I was like "wanna buy me one?" and we both laughed and he was like "nah..."

Ok, I thought that was cool. lol