October 30, 1999
The Alley
Rochester, Michigan

[Thanks to Sarah for the setlist and review!]

(I forgot to grab a setlist. I can tell you what songs they played, but probably not in what order...)

Train Slows Down
You're So Pretty
Hungry Like The Wolf
Jump in the Water
Clean Water
Hey Jesse
Off-Key Choir
Tom Collins
Fist Like A Glove
Bullet in your Hand
Fake Wood Trim
Stealing from the Joneses
Broken Oar
Can't Wait

(Well, I don't think that's all, but they played all of those songs. :)

Since we were so close to Detroit, Todd asked if it was Hell Night. We weren't sure what he was talking about, so he asked if all kinds of things were going to be on fire tonight. So then a couple of fans yelled out "DEVIL'S Night" and Todd seemed kinda embaressed.

Derrick, of course, kicked proper butt tonight. There were a couple of songs that definitely have a Derrick flare to them and I really like the changes.

It was, of course, Halloween and The Alley had a costume contest where they gave away a 31-inch TV and gifts of $150 and $75. First place went to this couple who were dressed as a guitar and amp. It was very creative and the guys just loved it. Second place went to this disco guy... he had on a jump suit with "Groovin Carwash" on the back in glitter and the hugest Afro wig I've ever seen. Third was the lame guy who bought a costume. *rolling eyes*

Erik seemed reluctant to do an encore for some reason. After the encore, Todd disappeared outside for a long time while Flo and Derrick stayed inside and danced. :) It was pretty funny.

Phil is leaving!! I said I'd see him next time and he said, "Well, you won't see me..." He's getting married. So, congratulations to Phil, but we'll miss him.

I think that's all. Well, it's quite enough. :) Good night. Don't forget to reset your clocks!