October 29, 1999
Chicago, Illinois

[Thanks to Gina for the setlist & review!]

Broken Oar
Fake Wood Trim
Stealing from the Joneses
Fist Like a Glove
The Dance
Parking Lot
Jump in the Water
I'll Be Fine
Train Slows Down
Bullet in your Hand
instrumental jam leading into 8:45
Off Key Choir
Can't Wait *
Hey Jesse

* sung by Erik

Hey all-

I promised a review. Now that I reflect back upon the night, I realize that this is going to be short. I know you all don't want to hear about my personal conversations with band members so on to the show!:

The boys were a little silly. Derrick got naked (shirtless.. calm down!) very early on in the show. A shirtless Derrick is NOT a bad thing! I don't know why but Todd felt it necessary to put down Gary Indiana (well, yes.. I do know why :) "Is anyone here from Gary Indiana? That place is a butthole! Hope I didn't offend anyone." I think Gary, IN is offensive enough. Anyway, there was an interesting funky jam that segued into 8:45. The Replacements song was a pleasant surprise. It's always nice to hear Erik sing. Todd wished everyone a Happy Halloween. He asked if anyone ever got an apple with a razor blade in it. This spawned into a brief discussion of urban legends. "Make sure if you get an apple while trick or treating, to slice them up in pieces. Does anyone even know anyone who has gotten a razor blade in their apple? I think it is one of those urban myths. Like Richard Gere and the gerbil. And Rod Stewart having his stomach pumped. Mikey the boy from Life did not die of pop rocks. And there were never razor blades in anyone's apples!" ( And there is your message of the day from your Uncle Todd) Derrick disappeared right before Hey Jesse. Todd was looking for him. He was by the merch booth looking for a cig and some fresh beer. Todd started strumming a little bit of the song while looking for Derrick. He spots Derrick in the crowd. He is trying to fight his way back to stage. Todd says "If I start playing the song right now.. can you make it?" How cruel! Derrick scrambles while the rest of the band is playing without him :) He made it. Derricks drum solo during Hey Jesse featured him playing on the washboard that Luke held for him. Everything was going well until the body surfing started. Yep.. you heard me.. BODY SURFING IN SCHUBA'S! The first not so bright person hit Schuba's massive lighting fixture. It didn't break, thank goodness. The second brainless body surfer happened to be female. She was relentlessly groped. I stared in disbelief. The song soon ended. The guys gathered off stage like they normally do until an encore. But I feel that the body surfing struck a cord. They immediately left the stage and went outside (which is not normal) And even more odd, Todd did not come back into the venue readily. When I left, he was still outside. So, for all those who participated in the body surfing at Schuba's... I am thinking evil thoughts of you and your mother right now!

I brought my Dad to the show. He said he enjoyed himself! It was definitely different from the James Taylor with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert that we went to earlier in the evening. I convinced him that there was no way he could be in Chicago for JT and skip an emmet show at the same time. Ha! He fell for it! He actually did have a good time. He even took pictures! I even caught him chatting with Todd and Derrick :) He asked me if the body surfing was normal. I was kind of embarrassed.

Well, there you have it. I thought it was going to be short. I suppose I have a tendency to be a bit verbose!

Happy Halloween!