October 20, 1999
The Lighthouse Tavern
Elon College, North Carolina
Opening band: Collapsis

[Thanks to Caryn for the setlist and review!]

Noise Intro [warmup]
Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
I'll Be Fine
Parking Lot
Train Slows Down
Broken Oar
Can't Wait [cover of the Replacements]
Jump in the Water
The Dance
You're So Pretty
Judas *
Hey Jesse **
Sunblock (its on the setlist but they didn't play it)

* my request
** Derrick did SO well on his solo!!

Dear All-

Well, I've been to my 3rd emmet show. It was probably the worst (setlist wise) but Todd was SO energetic. It was so cute to see him dance the entire time!!

Okay...my friend drove me 3 hours to get to the Lighthouse at Elon College, NC. We got there a little early, but the guys from emmet were nowhere to be seen. I talked to Collapsis (kick ass band, if you haven't heard them yet try to check them out!!) for a while, since we're on a first name basis ;-) haha j/k. Then, we were just hanging out at the bar, when I look down the bar, and Derrick is standing there, ordering a drink!! I freaked out, but I don't think he saw me. He was playing pool with some guy. Everytime I looked at him he was looking at me, and I thought it was really weird. Then, I looked over and he was walking up to me! I thought he was going to ask for a cig. or something. He said "You look familiar. You were at the Charlotte show the other week, weren't you?" I was like yeah...hehe. We talked to him for a while, it was really cool. Derrick is really nice. I don't think I got the chance to talk to him before last night, and I was glad I did.

So, Collapsis starts, we rock out, my friends both loved them. Todd finally came in...sat down and listened to Collapsis for a while. After they went off, I figured Todd would be at the back, outside, so I got my friend Matthew and we went Todd-searching. Found him, he was like "Hey!!" and gave me a big hug when he saw me. He remembers where I'm from now, LOL. He was like "you drove all the way here?" And I was like "Nope, my friend did, actually" I talked to him about the list shirts for a while, and he let me request some songs for the setlist (that he was still making). We talked to him for a long time, but we finally had to go back inside. Derrick gave me a peace sign, heh.

They left out a lot of songs they seem to always play. I was kind of disappointed. We rocked out. Met some people in the crowd, it was a lot of fun. My friends really liked emmet :-)

Afterwards, we went and talked to Erik and Luke (both of whom remember me!) and took some pictures, hung out. I've never heard Luke talk so much before! My friend Matthew really liked Erik, so they talked for a while too. Then, we found Derrick, told him good job, etc. Then, we found Todd. He gave me his pick, and we got a picture of my friends and I and Todd. We said our goodbyes, I hugged him, he was very sweaty, lol. He told us to drive safely. I got Erik's pic from him and gave it to Matthew (he wouldn't ask himself) and said our goodbyes.

Oh yeah...no encore. They didn't play Sunblock and no encore. He must have been pretty worn out. He gave his all for us, though.

Heh, Scotty (from Smartbomb) is getting married! Todd is playing at his wedding, hehe. Extra Info...hehe.

Yay, my friends want to go see emmet when they play in Raleigh. Like I'm going to complain...lol.