October 15, 1999
Bill's Bar
Boston, Massachusetts

[Thanks to Jan for the setlist and review! This is a copy of the setlist that the band had written down before the show.]

E Noise [musical warmup]
Stealing from the Joneses
Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
Off Key Choir
Clean Water
South Bristol, ME
The Dance
Broken Oar
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Can't Wait
I'll Be Fine

So Lonely

It was fantastic seeing Emmet again at Bill's bar in Boston. Great show!! First time seeing Derrick at the drums...I thought he did a great job! So funny at the end when he and Todd switched places.

They added a bit more, very informally and I know they did So Lonely. Seemed to be lots of real Emmet fans!!! Todd was working the merch table after the show. Sorry, this has not really been much of a review. Hopefully someone from NY will have a better review of their show. Take care all!