October 9, 1999
Jack Straws
Charlotte, North Carolina
Opening: Collapsis

[Thanks to Caryn for the setlist and review!]

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
The Dance
Clean Water
Train Slows Down
Stealing from the Joneses
Broken Oar
Bullet in Your Hand*
Fist Like a Glove
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Can't Wait [cover of the Replacements]
You're So Pretty**
Hey Jesse***
I'll Be Fine
[ E n c o r e : ]
Hungry Like The Wolf

* (this wasn't on the set list; he looked at me and said "this one's for you" heehee)

** (wasn't on the set list...right when he started singing, and I realized what song it was, i yelled, well, *screamed* SO loud, it startled him, and he started laughing, heh. oops)

*** (Derrick did a GREAT job!!)

Well, it seems our friends emmet swimming has put on another KICK-ASS show. Okay...we got their like super early (7 pm) so we could sit in on sound check like Todd promised. Well, we were waiting outside for forever, it seemed. They didn't get there by 7 at all. And the opening band arrived, Collapsis. I'd seen them before, and had a really neat conversation with the lead singer. So, I strolled on up to him and started talking to him. He remembered me, and what we had been talking about (emmet swimming). He was like "aren't they your favorite band?" And I"m like "OH YEAH." Heh. He told us that the guys were running late, so it would be a while longer before they got there. So...my friends went down the street to get some sodas. I'm sitting on this corner all by myself, and they pull up. They parked the van, and I just stayed where I was for the time being. Then, when Todd got out (he'd been driving), I got my nerve up and went and introduced myself (sort of). Then, I felt dumb and just went back over to where I'd been standing. A few minutes later he came over to me, and was like "Are you the girl who's supposed to be interviewing me?" And I"m like "Yeah, but I'm not going to anymore...blah blah blah" I'll spare you all my blabber. We continued to discuss stuff for a few minutes, then he's like "We've met before." And I'm all like "Yeah, it was here, too...you sang Bullet to me...." And he's all smiling and like saying how he remembered it. He kept standing there, and we must have talked for at least 5 minutes. My friends get back, and we're like standing around outside smoking and talking. Everytime Todd would come back from carrying something inside, we'd talk to him. They weren't going to have a sound check since they were so late, and I asked him if he'd made the set list yet, he hadn't, let me request some songs. So...fast forward...Collapsis (completely rocked) finished playing...we're all standing around waiting for the band to start. I talked to Jon (Jonlars) for a while, and his *fiance* for a long time. Band comes out...crowd goes wild. There were some annoying Queens College guys...they kept yelling "Sunblock" and just being very loud. I was right under Todd like last time...I think I got some good shots of the entire band during the show.

I was taping the show...and it sounds REALLLY good. I didn't think it would turn out well b/c I set the tape recorder on the stage. It was my first time hearing The Dance and Carried Away. Wonderful. Those Queens College guys started moshing during 8:45, and I got knocked forward and *almost* knocked over his mic into the drum set. Scared me to death. Todd was watching them, and I knew that he'd tell them to stop. And he did. He stopped singing and was like "Would you guys please stop that? You're knocking people around up here. Just jump up and down, not side to side" or something like that. Whatta guy :-)

At the end, I found him, and got another picture, and talked to him for a while longer. He signed a picture of him and I that I had, and he put a little tattoo that says "mom" on my arm, and signed on my chest.

Okay, I guess that's all. Oh yeah, I got another pic :-) Todd's pic that he played the entire show with. And he broke 2 strings on 2 different guitars, during the show. Ok, I'll probably remember more.

Oh yeah! The guys might play at Jon's wedding-type thing..party, or whatever. Isn't that cool?! Wish I was going! Heh. Sorry this was so long! :-)