September 25, 1999
Virginia Tech (Tri Chi)
Blacksburg, Virginia

[Thanks to Alma for the setlist and review!]

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
The Dance
Clean Water
Train Slows Down
Parking Lot
Fist Like a Glove
You're So Pretty
So Lonely
Carried Away
Broken Oar
Jump into the Water
Off Key Choir
Hey Jesse
(unknown cover song)
I'll Be Fine
Stealing from the Joneses

It was a whole day concert, but I was only able to go for Emmet's set. The show itself rocked. The guys did a great job. I got there a couple minutes late, but people said that it was still the first song. =) Then, they kept having difficulties with the sound but the guys seemed amused and with a few minutes of silence, they kept on playing and laughing at the situation. The crowd was pretty good, a lot of them sang along to most the songs, but it was a frat party, so there was a lot of beer being thrown and dumb stuff like that--and this girl kept screaming, "yea! Adam!" I didn't know if she thought there was someone in the band named Adam or if she was screaming for one of the frat guys. It was so weird. During Hey Jesse, Derrick went on a mad drum solo and the rest of the band STILL seemed impressed. =) Another highlight was the long intro to Arlington. Erik did a cool guitar riff that really added to the song in my opinion. So, overall, a great show by Emmet, but my experience was tarnished slightly by the lack of working equipment and some drunk frat guys.