September 16, 1999
Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, North Carolina

[setlist submitted by Gina and Krista]

(unnamed instrumental jam)
Train Slows Down
Carried Away

Fake Wood Trim
Tom Collins
Train Slows Down
Clean Water
South Bristol, ME
Happy Birthday To Gina!
The Dance
Broken Oar
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Stealing From The Joneses
Hey Jesse
I'll Be Fine [Boones Farm Wine]
[ E n c o r e : ]
Levi Stubbs Tears [Todd and Erik]
Hungry Like The Wolf

[Gina's review:]

I thank all of you who sent me their prayers, I made my way to NC just fine. So, I am back home, and I promised a review:

Krista and I got to the venue a wee bit early. Todd came out to chat for a bit. When I asked him where Luke was, he informed us that he was out running. Wow.. so dedicated! Todd invited Krista and I to sit in for soundcheck. They played a jam or 2 then went into 'Train slows down' and 'Carried away'.

The show was energetic. The crowd near the stage was insane! I brought balloons to hand out to everyone. Krista volunteered to hand them out. I told her to only hand balloons out to people who were sober. She came back and said no one fit that description :) Not more than 5 minutes after handing out balloons. The popping began...ohh.. bad idea! A couple of balloons made it on to the stage. There wasn't much banter from Todd that evening. Todd did say that they braved the storm to get to NC. They drove right through the hurricane from Nova, VA. He said that Luke was the bravest, cause they strapped him to the front of the van and he pointed the way. 'Clean water' was fun, I turned around and for a second I thought the room was moving, but actually, everyone behind me was jumping up and down. It frightened me . 'S. Bristol, ME' was the only song not originally on the setlist that they played. Todd played it for some guys from ME that were at the show. He told us how he just vacationed there. I was pleasantly surprised when Todd made a little speech about a "special guest" they had that evening. Apparently, that person was me! He told everyone how I flew from Chicago to see my favorite band.. and since they couldn't make it, emmet decided they would play instead :) He said he felt bad cause I baked them cookies but it was my birthday. He promised me he would whip out his easy bake oven when they come back to Chicago and he would bake me something. The band proceeded to go into this version of "Happy Birthday" all slow ala Marilyn Monroe. Wow....And that is all I have to say about that. (Thanks Krista and Todd. I was definitely surprised) We were treated to the new song 'The Dance'. It's a cool tune. Not overly complicated. I caught myself singing along. 'Broken Oar' had a nice mellow intro to it. Todd does a little 'say what?' rap after 'Motorway'. It was brief, but who knew Todd had it in him? :) During "Hey Jesse", Todd sits down behind Derricks drums to steal a smoke. He plays a little drum with Derrick. Plays a little drum ON Derrick. Derrick plays a little Todd with his drum. The crowd is chanting "Go! Go! Go! Go!" Then Luke picks up a balloon and bats it over to Derrick. Todd hits it so that started floating right in front of Derrick. During his mad drum solo, Derrick hits the balloon and it pops. Everyone loved that! The crowd went wild. Todd introduced 'Sunblock' as the song that was supposed to turn them into the Backstreet Boys. So, someone yelled "Take off your shirt!" Todd laughed and said "and show you my tits?" There were some Backstreet boys lyrics in the song like "where did the backstreet boys go?" and "That singer is yummy-oh!". During "Arlington", Todd used the "please pass the jelly" line.

For the encore, Todd and Erik came out to play "Levi Stubbs". Someone handed Todd some yellow tinted sunglasses. He says "are these urine tinted glasses? I am looking through the world through urine colored glasses." The rest of the guys come out afterwards and Derrick heads over and picks up the bass and puts it on. Luke sits down behind the kit. Todd turns around and says.."Okay.. are we ready? " They sit there for a while. Then they smile and Derrick and Luke switch places. Whew! I was bracing myself there for something very interesting... only to be let down by a little prank :) Todd said "You guys scared the shit out of me.. I thought you were really going to do it!". So then they go into "Hungry like the wolf" Todd was hoping they could remember it. Derrick did the "hungry like the wolf " chorus. He is multi-talented! Todd is heavy breathing into the mics. He does that a little too well.. worries me :) It felt like a short set, but it was 22 songs, so I couldn't have asked for more. After all was said and done, only 3 out of 100 balloons survived all the excitement.

I had a great time. I was in NC for exactly 24 hours. Thanks to the band, the crowd and definitely Krista for making my birthday awesome! I thank all those on the list for sending me their well wishes.

[Krista's review:]

Well I'm glad Gina got her review up before mine. Now I don't have as much to say....but I can include all the good stuff she left out. Kidding. So here's my (hope to be) short review. We got to the Cat's Cradle a little early just to see if Emmet was there. And they were. Todd came right out and talked to Gina like they're old friends and introduced me to Todd. Okay, this is the first time I've met him. I must say, Todd is just adorable. He's so nice. And so tall!! He asked if we wanted to hang inside with the band....and of course, we did. So we hung in there and watched the guys do their soundcheck. They did an instrumental for at least five minutes and then did two songs (Carried Away being one of them). Sometime after soundcheck, the opening band (Tangeena Barren) played. TB is a local band. The original opening band canceled so TB played instead. I think they did a good job of getting the crowd set for Emmet. After TB's leaves the stage, Emmet finally comes up. The boys were full of energy. Although the crowd had a bit more energy than the band. It was scary! Gina and I were right up front, in front of Todd. We looked behind us and the whole crowd is jumping at this steady pace for an hour or so. I like how the band communicates with the crowd. Rather than going from one song to the next, Todd was actually having conversations with people in the crowd. I thought that was very cool. Not a lot of bands do that. Some highlights....

Emmet Swimming sang happy birthday to Gina. Todd did a great Marilyn Monroe impression there.

During Stealing From The Joneses, Derrick did this wonderfully long drum solo - Luke put down the bass, Erik just stood really far back in the dark and Todd sat behind the drum kit to smoke. After Todd laid back there for a while, he picked up one of Derrick's sticks, hit one of the drums for a few beats and then proceeded to hit Derrick on the head with a steady beat. And Derrick followed that up with a steady beat on Todd's head. Luke batted a yellow balloon from his bass over to Derrick during this ultra fast solo and Derrick popped it and the solo ended. It was so incredible. Todd was smiling after he popped the balloon and the crowd was going crazy. It was just really cool.

During the show, I held up this little sign that said "Guru or Else", Todd read it and said "Threats don't scare us!" I thought they might play Guru but no. I was very wrong. Although, when Todd was tuning the sounded like a few chords of Guru but they went into Arlington instead. (sigh)

encore - Todd and Erik come out for a quiet song. Afterwards, Derrick jumps on the bass and Luke takes the drum kit. I thought they were going to play!! Todd thought so too. He said "are we ready?" and they quickly switched. They then proceeded to go into Hungry Like The Wolf. I was loving this! So many guys from the crowd were yelling for this song. Todd was like "I hope we can remember this." And they did. During the "hungry like the wolf..." chorus, Todd picked up the mic stand and leaned it towards Derrick so he could do the chorus. It was great. Then Todd started breathing in the mic. Todd just laughed all that off when he was done. And then the show was over.

I got to talk to the guys afterwards. They were extremely nice. And that concluded my first Emmet show.


P.S. I was really looking forward to the Peasant's show until I heard it was canceled. Maybe next time.