September 11, 1999
Pontiac Grill
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[submitted by John Shuler]

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
Off Key Choir
The Dance
Broken Oar
Parking Lot
Carried Away
I'll Be Fine
Stealing from the Joneses
Hey Jesse [not on the original setlist]


I just spent about an hour typing in a super long review of the Philly show, only to have one of my moronic co-workers stop by and close down my telnet session because he wanted to do something on the machine. Thus, you all are cheated of a very long, interesting review.


you will now get the abbreviated version:

It was very fun. We drove 3 hours from D.C. to philly. Then left at 2:30am and drove 3 hours back, and I was at work at The Post at 9am. :( I met Kevin, who did the interview with the band, and his friend Chris. I played pool for 2 hours with my roomate Chad waiting for the band to go on. I got to walk up and down South street twice, which is always fun, because the area is so vibrant and alive with people. I was able to go to Pat's Steaks not once, but TWICE.

some stuff that I just HAVE to retype:

There was no Scott for Broken Oar, so Chad and I did the "Scotty Dance" ourselves. :)

I believe that Kevin may in fact have a picture of me in mid-Scotty dance, so I'm preparing right now to weather the inevitable jibes that will head my way once Kevin gets his pics up on his website. My defense is merely that I do indeed dance like no one is watching. :)

They never paid for drinks in bars, and they were richer than Veruca Salt

During Arlington, Todd sang one line as "Please pass the jelly..."

Before _Sunblock_, Todd sang for about 30 seconds some little thing that I swear sounded like _The Roof is on Fire_

The jury is out on what it actually was, though.

before they played, I handed Todd a piece of paper with song requests that looked like this:

Ed's Song
When Morning Comes
Listen to the River

NOT Carried Away.

We had a short discussion about Carried away, and Todd asked me if I was from the ListServ. I said I was and he pointed out Kevin to me. Kevin lives in Philly and is very cool. His friend Chris is from VA, and didn't say much. Of course, from my little request list, the one "anti-request" DID get played, and the 4 actual requests didn't. :(

Ok, I think I covered the most interesting stuff without retyping the entire thing, or my entire conversation with Todd about _Carried Away_ and why it is bad. :)

oops one more thing

During the set, one guy kept yelling out his request- _So Lonely_. After about the 90th yell, either Todd or Erik (I think it was Erik) said into the mike... well, here is the conversation:

random guy: So Lonely! So Lonely (repeat 40 times)
Erik: What was that you said, sir?

(the way Erik said it, it was hilarious, because he was obviously being sarcastic, as everyone in the bar had heard this guy yelling for like 10 minutes. Also, when Erik added the "sir" on the end of it, he emphasized it in a funny, british kind of way)

random guy: I said _So Lonely_, sir!

(this was even MORE funny, because random guy didn't miss a beat. Just when everyone was about to start laughing at him because of what Erik said, he said this, and the entire crowd started laughing, because the whole thing was so funny, and random guy had inflected his "sir" the exact same way that Erik had)

Erik: That's what I thought

(emmet launches into a song that is not _So Lonely_)

I guess you had to be there.