September 10, 1999
Charlottesville, Virginia
Opening: Just Marty

[Submitted by Kara Garbe]

Stealing from the Joneses
I'll Be Fine
Off Key Choir
The Dance
Broken Oar
Parking Lot
Carried Away
South Bristol, ME
Train Slows Down
Clean Water
Bullet in Your Hand
Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
[ e n c o r e : ]
Hey Jesse
So Lonely

South Bristol wasn't on the setlist; they sang it for some girl they knew in the audience who was getting married or something. Hey Jesse and So Lonely weren't on the setlist either... they didn't have an encore written down, so I'm not sure what they had intended to do. People were screaming for "So Lonely" from the very beginning of the concert. People were saying things like "I'm so lonely!" and then later when Erik was telling people to go buy Earplugs, one guy screamed "I'll buy it if you play So Lonely!" Then at the end when they finally did play it, Erik said that he better go buy it. Also, speaking of merchandise, they mentioned that they had a new shirt that Todd had designed, but I didn't see a new shirt back there on the display, so I'm not sure if they sold out or what.

The bonus line in Arlington: "Not like Charlottesvile" or was it "Just like Charlottesville"? Two totally different sentiments, I know...

As for the new songs, "The Dance" had a chorus that went something like "waiting for the dance" and a line that was something like "speeches for the Grammies that I never got to sing"... it seemed very Emmet-esque to me, about disillusionment and then looking to the future for something better, which seems to be a theme in a lot of their songs. "Carried Away" seemed to be about a relationship, and had a chorus that went something like "I got carried away" and then lines like "I see your face and I have nothing to say"... these lines are pretty off but that was the general sentiment. I liked "The Dance" a lot, but "Carried Away" seemd a bit off to me. Todd's singing was really slow, but the instruments were playing fairly fast. Both were good, but together his voice and the instruments seemed to be in conflict. The crowd responded to "The Dance" a lot better than they did to "Carried Away".

During Hey Jesse, Todd went back and started banging on the drums with Derrick and it actually sounded really good. Then Derrick (still stone-faced like he always is in concert) turned and started playing the drums on Todd's stomach. Everyone in the crowd was laughing. After a bit of that, Todd backed away and Derrick played a huge solo. I've heard him do his solo in Hey Jesse several times, but this was by the far the longest I've ever seen it. Todd was standing on the side of the stage with his mouth hanging open, smiling. Luke seemed to be pretty much in awe, too.

There were a couple girls standing in front of Luke who kept asking Todd to let them dance up on the stage (except they were calling him, saying "Emmet! Emmet!" like they thought that was his name) and finally he heard them and said that they'd have to ask Luke, because he might need all that space on the stage for his big moves. Luke said something like "I can't let you up here, I don't own the place" and then they went ahead and kept playing. Then for the encore, Todd and Erik never left the stage and Derrick and Luke disappeared for a minute. Todd asked the crowd if they'd met Derrick yet. Then Luke came on stage and Todd said "This is Derrick." and they were laughing about it, but a bunch of people started screaming "Hi Derrick!" and then those two girls started screaming again at Luke, saying, "Derrick! Derrick! Let us up on the stage!" Todd just looked at them and whispered (into the mic) "His name is Luke." Needless to say, they didn't make it up onto the stage.

I saw the setlist when the crew were putting them down on the stage before the show started, and it was really short. I was hoping that meant that they were going to take requests for the show like they did the last time they played at Trax over the summer.... but no. The setlist was written on an envelope from the Marriott hotel, and it was two-sided. Once they hit Sellout, which was the last song written on the first side, Todd said something about how they had a two-sided setlist that night and how it had confused him because the show seemed too short. Then Derrick jumped down from the drum platform and flipped Todd's setlist over for him. So, any of you guys going to future concerts, don't be confused if the setlist looks really short!

There were a lot fewer people at the show than I usually see at Trax, so I'm not sure if the show wasn't as well publicized, or if people just chose to go to friday-night frat parties over the concert. It was definitely tame, no moshing or crowd-surfing or anything. By the end when Erik did "So Lonely", the entire crowd was singing along. It's kind of ironic that the one song that everyone seems to know the words to was the one cover the band did of the night. :| But at least people were into the music! All in all it was a really great show--the band had great energy, a lot more exciting than the last show of theirs I saw at Trax, which was over the summer with a much smaller crowd.