September 3, 1999
The 9:30 Club
Washington, D.C.

(submitted by Mink Snopes)

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
Train Slows Down
Clean Water
The Dance
Fist Like a Glove
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Stealing from the Joneses
Off Key Choir
Hey Jesse
I'll Be Fine
Broken Oar
[ e n c o r e : ]
Levi Stubb's Tears
So Lonely

Overall, a great show. Could have done without seeing Derek with his shirt off, but perhaps that's just me.

emmet went onstage at 11:35p

Todd had a cell phone with him when they came out on stage. He called his brother Mike and had us all sing Happy Birthday to his answering machine.

The place was pretty full. The crowd was WAY mellow. There wasn't very much bouncing even at the front of the stage, let alone moshing. A couple of zeroes did go up on stage and dance, I think during sunblock. Todd told the ef zero that she was lucky it was her birthday cuz their lawyer was backstage with papers...

Seems that in the last nine months that emmet has gotten into the habit of playing some songs too fast. This was definitely the case with Tom Collins, Fake Wood Trim and 8:45. One of the (many) things about seeing emmet live is watching their ability to do the slow / fast / slow thing with so many different songs and somehow keeping it really cool. Those three songs are great examples that just sorta get washed away when they are at full tilt boogie tempo all the way through.

Eula and I decided that Train Slows Down has got to be the best country song of this decade...

Before they did Judas, Todd said "this is from the 'Lose Yourself' era" and "This one's for Random", who apparently was like a one-year-old kid hanging out in the backstage balcony.

Sellout confessional - Luke is a sellout now ... Derek's got his shirt off now ...

Arlington bonus line - (didn't catch it, sorry ... also the we're richer than reference was not Veruca Salt, but I didn't catch that either)

Awesome renditions: Judas, Stealing From the Joneses, Off Key Choir, Broken Oar, So Lonely (of course)

Cool intros: Turnstile, 8:45, Broken Oar

Number of times I missed Tamer: about seven. Surprisingly the place where I was most sad about Tamer was in Fist Like a Glove. I never realized how much he contributed to that song, til I heard it without him...

The Dance is a kinda like a '64-era Beatles tune. Something about hoping that the dance I get with you is the last dance.

Carried Away sounds like a Fixx tune.