August 10, 1999
Rhodeside Grille
Arlington, Virginia

A benefit for the Leukemia Society of America

(Submitted by John Shuler)

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
Train Slows Down
Clean Water
The Dance
Broken Oar (with Scott Brotemarkle)
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Stealing from the Joneses
Off Key Choir
Fist like a Glove
Hey Jesse
Jump in the Water
I'll Be Fine

**"Sunblock" and "Arlington" were supposed to close the show, but the show ended early when the cops came, perhaps due to noise violations.

(from John Shuler:)

Wow, great set, or what?

My friend Chad and I rolled in to the place just as the opening notes of 8:45 hit the air. We were kind of worried we wouldn't make it in time, but our timing ended up being great. The place was p-a-c-k-e-d. I swear, if they weren't violating some max capacity fire codes, they were damn close. We paid our $5 and walked in. Thanks to the crowd, I didn't even bother trying to get a drink or anything, as I felt like a sardine. And people kept coming in!

When they got to Broken Oar, they started to play the first few notes, then Todd was like "Scott, are you still around here somewhere? I know I saw you earlier!" and the entire crowd starts looking around for Scott... it was pretty funny. He was found fairly quickly, and joined the band for the song. His amazing dancing skillz were somewhat limited due to space constraints (they performed on the floor where the crowd was standing, except they had a small rug under them), but he did get creative by stealing a drumstick from Derrick and doing some little ditty on the cymbals..

Before Judas, Todd said, "You'll know this if you're one of the older fans" and launched into it. They have been playing this a lot more recently.

After Judas, but before Joneses, Todd talked a little about what the benefit was for, and how Luke was going to be running in the marathon. Todd said that he was "in training for next year!" and that this year he planned to just watch Luke and heckel him. He then told the crowd that everyone should show up to heckel Luke. The crowd loved that idea. Luke was like "hmm I don't know about that..." I guess you had to be there. :)

In the middle of Sellout, a cop car pulled up and the owner went out to talk to the cop while emmet played on. I don't know the exact reason, but they were forced to stop playing after they finished Boones.

Everyone in the band seemed much more laid back than the last few times I've seen them, I guess that getting away from the label makes them feel a little less stressed. That was the first time in a number of shows that I remember hearing Sellout, actually..

About the newer songs:

* The Dance: Liked this a lot, had never heard it before, to tell the truth. I have the feeling it could get pretty popular.

* Carried Away: I didn't really like this very much. Imagine _You're so pretty_, a little more upbeat, and only about half as melancholy. It just didn't seem to work, and got a very lukewarm crowd responce.