July 30, 1999
Smith's Olde Bar
Atlanta, Georgia

(submitted by Zach Walker)

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
The Dance
Broken Oar
Train Slows Down
Parking Lot
Carried Away
Stealing From the Joneses

well team, the show on Friday in atlanta was great, of course. it was billed as a CD Release Party.

emmet was "co-headlining" with Far Too Jones and erik said that "somebody had to go first" and it ended up being emmet. when they finished their short set the audience was chanting "em--met, em--mmet, em--met" but to no avail. they brought a curtain around the stage and began setting up for far too jones. our hopes of an encore were crushed. during the first part of the show i noticed a guy in the audience whom i knew that i had seen before...but i couldn't remember from where...i thought maybe i'd seen him at other emmet shows or something...but then i realized that it was adam brode from ode to abbey. so that was very cool. he said that emmet booked them to open, but the club booked someone else, and "the club won." so screw that. i still have yet to see ode to abbey play since moving down here...but i think in two weeks i'll catch them. the show was excellent, but a little short. my friend who went with me loved it and bought Big Night the next day. i did make out with two posters of emmet swimming from the walls which made my night. if anyone else was there, i'd like to hear your thoughts. take care everyone.