July 6, 1999
Tower Records
Fairfax, VA

(from the Onelist Archives, Digest 190, submitted by Norm)

Stealing From the Joneses
Fake Wood Trim
Clean Water
Off Key Choir
Jump In the Water
Bullet in Your Hand
Parking Lot
Listen to the River
Heart Like an Eskimo

[The following review is written by mink snopesfrom Onelist digest 191]

There was a lot of good humor at the show this evening. The store's manager came on mic at the beginning and rambled for a bit, finishing off with "... and now Screaming Goddess recording artists - Emmet Swimming!"

Todd reminded us a few times that you could find the band's new CD in "this rack here [right next to the stage area], over at the cash register, under E [pointing], and sometimes under S over there [pointing again] ... y'know, that 'Mr. Swimming'". The first time he did this, he said that the funniest way they ever saw there name was at a club where the name was:

Emmit's Swimmin'

He said "yeah, it was a real hoedown that night".

After the first song (Joneses), Erik announced that for the first time ever, after working with the guy for years, the sound man Phil had indicated that he should up his volume... A little bit later, when Todd starting strummin the beginning of Clean Water, he stopped and said "Did somebody say something". He was lookin out to the (stage) right center of the audience, and this guy tells him to turn his sound down. Turns out that it's Phil the sound guy, away from the boards, hangin out in the audience. Well, Erik and Todd found this quite humorous and were harassing him a little. Todd starts fiddlin with knobs, strums the opening chords again and then turns to Phil and asked if that was better. Phil's response was a loud, but resigned, "Whatever". Everyone cracked up.

Many of the songs were requests. They did Jump in the Water for a kid named Tommy, who was maybe five. I couldn't see the kid during the song, but from the looks of other people, he must have been dancing.

Bullet was very cool... [no humor here, just had to mention it]

Listen to the River was done by just Todd and Erik. They kicked Luke and Derek off the stage. Todd said that Derek had learned most of the emmet-tunes, but not this one. As they were going offstage, Todd suggested that they go find some records...

the bonus line in Arlington was "not like Fairfax Station" (the name of the burb where the Tower is).

Oh, I almost forgot about the giveaways. When they first started, Todd announced that they had like seventy-five prizes to give away and his assignment had been to come up with trivia questions. He thought this would be hard, but then realized that we could do state capitals ... and that's fifty right there.

[turns out there were actually like ten prizes]

The first giveaway, Todd looks out to the crowd and says "I'm thinking of a number between one and a hundred". People start yelling out numbers. A bunch of numbers got called. The winning number was seventy-three, which a chickie up front had yelled out. Todd gets kind of excited and verified the caller. He gets out the 'prize' which turns out to be a HORDE CD and one of those small cardboard promo posters. Todd was slightly underwhelmed. After the prize award, Todd thought that he heard some sort of excitement in the front row, so he asks Erik what's goin on. He wants to know if there is a fight between the woman and her friend. No, turns out it's not a fight, "just a disagreement".

Most of the rest of the 'prize' awards were based on state capitals, but there were a couple of TV trivia q's thrown in. The first one was:

Who was the narrator for Dukes of Hazard?

I didn't catch the answer, but someone up front got it. At this point, Erik points out that TNN was having Dukes of Hazard marathon this last weekend. People started laughing and he said, "No, I'm not kidding. I didn't go outside all day". The second TV trivia q was:

What brand of beer did Magnum PI drink?

Noone got this one. The answer was Old Duesseldorf (I think). At this point, Todd indicates that (a) nobody beats Erik at Magnum PI trivia and (b) you get a weird perspective on life when you don't actually work during the day, so you learn all there is to know from old TV shows.

The emmet doods were, as always, very cool, hanging out for a long time after the show with permamarkers in hand, making sure that everyone got a chance to talk and get autographs.