July 4, 1999
DC 101 Backyard Barbecue
Washington, D.C.

(submitted by Kara Garbe)

Tom Collins
Fake Wood Trim
Fist Like a Glove
Off Key Choir
I'll Be Fine
Broken Oar
Train Slows Down
Stealing From the Joneses
Parking Lot
Hungry Like the Wolf

(This is an edited version of what I posted to the onelist mailing list right after the show.)

This was a day-long show sponsored by DC 101. Emmet Swimming was billed third (behind Cracker and The Pietasters), which I found incredibly ironic considering that DC101 rarely plays Emmet on the radio, and actually plays other bands such as Marvelous 3 more often, yet M3 played before Emmet did at the show. But anyway...

Emmet came on stage and they started throwing out a couple of t-shirts to the crowd before they started playing. I noticed this guy to the right of me catch one and laugh and then throw it back into the crowd again, and I was thinking "Why's he throwing it back??" and then I noticed he had a backstage pass on, and I was later informed that this was the band's manager. Then I noticed that standing right next to him was Tamer! I talked to him a little bit and he said that he was only playing with Smartbomb temporarily to help them out a little. Later in the show I noticed that Tamer was gone, but in any case I can definitely bear witness to the fact that Tamer and the guys are still friends. I also saw him talking to Erik before the show over by the merchandise booth.

But back to the band. When they started, they just played this little jam for a minute or two, pure instrumentals that didn't lead into any song, but the crowd was into it. Then they stopped and started up with 8:45. Most the crowd seemed to be college-aged people and older, which was interesting. A lot of people knew the words to the songs as well. The band seemed to be into it more than they had been at the Trax show I saw the previous week. One of the highlights of the show was when Scotty from Smartbomb came up on stage during Broken Oar. He took erik's mic and sang along the whole time, and was dancing like crazy. Todd was smiling and everyone was into it. Scotty was just so energetic. He came out again later for sunblock and he just went crazy dancing again along with another guy, who I think was also from Smartbomb? Given that performance, that crazy energy he had, I'd definitely be up for seeing the band some time.

I was really surprised to hear them play sellout. But now that I know they broke off from epic, that song makes more sense, because before I was wondering why they'd stick with their label if the label's asking them to do stuff like that. Also, during Sellout, for all you curious people, Todd said "Derek's a sellout now" in the place where it usually says "Tamer".

Before "Hungry Like the Wolf", Todd said "Because it's the fourth of July, we're going to play a song by a british band from the 80s." Then he kind of paused and everyone laughed (or was it just me?). Then he said, "Just to show you guys how much better american music is." Then they sang Hungry Like the Wolf, which I'd never heard them do before. A bunch of people were actually singing along, which surprised me. I did recognize the song from the original version from years ago, but I didn't know any of the words.

I can't think of much else. I had a really hard time understanding Todd. All his words seemed muffled when he was talking. The music was great, of course. Interestingly, Emmet had the longest set of the day--they played for an hour and 15 minutes. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. :) All of the other bands, I believe, played for only an hour or even 45 minutes.