June 19, 1999
The Alley
Rochester, Michigan

(from the Onelist Archives, Digest 177, submitted by Sarah)

Well, I got my emmet fill and now I'm a happy girl. :)

The show at The Alley last night was great. The setlist was excellent. I can't tell you exactly what they played, but it seemed to have been the almost the same as Chicago, with "Judas" and "LIVING ROOM" (!!!) thrown in... not that Living Room is a rare track to hear live (or maybe it is), but Living Room is in the running for my favorite emmet song and I've always wanted to hear it live. I told Erik and he seemed *very* pleased that they were able to make my night. :) Judas is another one I've been wanting to hear live for a long time, so when I saw that they were playing it recently, I kept my fingers crossed in the hopes that I should be so lucky.

As for onstage antics, the guys were pretty exhausted and so the show was as low-key as I've seen emmet get, which means that there was still tons of energy flowing. However, the guys always have control of their own lighting when they're onstage there. Luke had control last time, and Todd took over this time. He was like a little boy when he found out how to make the lights flash.

At one point, as Todd was introducing each of the members, he said, "And this is Luke... Luke, come here, say something. I don't think Detroit has ever heard your voice. Luke has kind of a weird voice..." Luke came to Todd's mic and said "HI!" in this SUPER high pitched, weirdo voice. *That* was funny.

They plugged the live album, though they didn't mention the fact that it was live. Todd also mentioned that he's had a great weekend here in the midwest. I said I'd heard all about the Cleveland show and he said that yeah, it was great, and that the show in Chicago was a lot of fun, too.

On the down side, they drove back to Fairfax last night, though the show wasn't over until around 1. That's gotta suck, but I certainly don't blame them.

Have a great Father's Day, all you Dads out there!