November 25, 1998
The Bayou
Washington, D.C.
Opening: Mudcat Jones

[no setlist available]

[taken from the onelist archive, digest #48... written by Sean]

I was at the bayou show and personally I thought the show was amazing (If any of you were there, I was with the group of people that formed a circle during "Boston" and were dancing around and I'm sure pissing off all of the people around us). Sorry, I don't remember their setlist but I'll let you in on some of my personal highlights of the show.

I think the first surprise for me was when they played "Angel" It was incredible and not often do you hear emmet play that. They also played an absolutely amazing version of "Guru" with Todd playing acoustic guitar and the rest of the band eventually joining in. They also played "Playing House" which I really hope is going to be on their live album. Also, Todd had some really good quotes but I can't seem to remember what they were now, but I found them really amusing at the time. They played a really long set and didn't leave the stage until about 1:45.

[taken from Onelist digest #49, submitted by Jeanine Shipley] Hello everyone!

I just thought that I would put in my two cents about the emmet show at the Bayou. Much like everyone else I enjoyed the show thoroughly. I was right next to the stage in front of Erik the entire time. It was a very neat experience being that close to the band. Bart, I thnk that I was standing right near you because I was right next to the group of people screaming for Angel. Did the also scream something about UVA? Maybe i was hearing things. I had the time of my life at this concert was sorry to see it end. I loved the live version of Guru and like usual all the songs were wonderful. I'm sorry that they are closing down the Bayou. Is anyone going to see 2 Skinny J's there on December 30th.

I'm looking forward to seeing Emmet again this Friday in Charlottesville. They are playing with Mudcat jones again. Oh thats another thing. I know alot of people expressed dislike towards Mudcat Jones but I thought that that they were great. Sunblock wouldn't have been as good without the guy from Mudcat Jones on the horn. I thought that they were the best band I've seen open for Emmet.
Ok, thats all!