November 13, 1998
Baltimore, Maryland

(Taken from Onelist digest #41; submitted by Kristen Heasley)

Setlist (out of order and possibly incomplete)

Tom Collins
I'll Be Fine [Boone's Farm Wine]
You're So Pretty
Jump in the Water
Parking Lot
Hey Jesse
Clean Water
Off-Key Choir
Fist Like a Glove
Fake Wood Trim
Heart Like an Eskimo
Playing House
So Lonely

I want to re-hash Friday night with anyone who was at Fletcher's. I thought it was one of the best emmet shows in recent memory! I'd never been to Fletcher's before, and I liked that it was this little dark place that gave a really intimate feel to the show. I thought emmet (esp. Todd) was totally ON the entire time. They did old songs, new songs, and some songs that haven't been recorded yet, like Eskimo. They also did Playing House, which I don't think I"ve ever heard live. And, for those of you who still appreciate it, Erik did his So Lonely/Down Under medley, despite the frantic efforts of some guys in the back, who kept yelling "99." They had my vote, but, alas, no Tamer solo.