Oct 21, 1998
Rhodeside Grill
1836 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA
Todd Watts - acoustic
11:00p - 12:15p

(from the Onelist Archives, Digest 21, submitted by snopes)

When Morning Comes
Goodbye, My Old Friend
Fake Plastic Trees (a cover of a Radiohead song)
Tom Collins
Long Way Down
Parking Lot
You're So Pretty
Lose Yourself
Falling Down
Mailman (old John Prine tune)
Clean Water

Long Way Down - "there's a lot of songs we don't play, everyone in the band has three or four songs that they like... and this isn't one of them."

YSP - "this song is weird. It's about Fairfax but when we play all over the country, people ask for it. We started playing it in Michigan and some guy yells out 'Awesome dude - I'm from Faaairfax, man', You're from Fairfax, what are ya doin' in Michigan?"

Arlington - bonus city "grand ole opry"

Falling Down - "She wants to hear Falling Down... I was thinking about that song today... Don't know if I remember the bridge... hold on, hold on (strumming) .... I'll just play chords ... who cares about bridges anyway?"

"Break? I'm not taking a break - I've got two more songs to do and I'm done!" (playful booing) "Wait, let me look up in my Professional Musician's Handbook how to handle this situation."

Some songs requested by crowd but not played: Boston - "I can't play Boston without Eric on guitar ... that's all Eric. If I could play guitar like that then we wouldn't need Eric!" . Bullet In Your Hand - "Bullet is boring acoustic"

Free drinks observed: one glass of Grand Marnier, one large shot of Jack Daniels.