December 9, 1996
T.T. Reynolds
Fairfax, Virginia

  1. Jump In The Water
  2. Expect Me
  3. Ed's Song
  4. Living Room
  5. Birdman Of Columbia
  6. When Morning Comes
  7. Arlington
  8. Big Houses
  9. I'll Be Fine
  10. This Is My Life
  11. 17 Hours
  12. South Bristol, ME
  13. Roundabout (yes, first guitar bit -- Todd)
  14. 8:45
  15. Fake Wood Trim
  16. Sweet Home Alabama (excerpt -- Eric, Luke, Todd)
  17. Hey Jesse
  18. Clean Water
  19. Bullet In Your Hand
  20. Never Going Back
  21. So Lonely (Land Down Under)
  22. Lisa Says
  23. Sellout
  24. Boston
  25. Pain
  26. You're So Pretty

by snopes, with additional commentary by eula

*** videos ***

- arlington - band members and fans talking - first two seconds of the *fake wood trim* video

NOTES =====

-- Well we were kinda bummed, 'cuz this had been billed as a superlong show starting at 9 pm. Turns out it was superlong (ending at about 1:30a) but started at the usual emmet ground zero time -- about 10:30.

-- The arlington video was great. It starts out with the words (spray painted?) "THIS IS ART". Y'know like " the name of art". A part of the video that got a big laugh was for the line "...french kiss when we meet...": two young women standing close move towards each other in slow motion and then kiss. Quick cut to Todd making a raised eyebrow, smirky, question mark face.

eula: It was funny, but it seems like it could kinda piss some people off. Not that I care much about political correctness, but it seems like it limits the possible popularity of the video. But then again, maybe I'm too optimistic about their popularity anyway. :-) I really liked all the shots of the very arlington-looking people, silly girls in little shirts and all, looking intentionally bored with life. There were some good crowd shots of people doing the emmet thing.

snopes: Speaking of little shirts, between a couple of the songs later, Todd was urging people to check out the new t-shirts (which are very cool). He said something like "we got some small ones over there" and then explained how he liked to wear the little shirts and go around like a "baby doll prancing". Now that would be a sight, eh?

-- The second video was, uh, *like wow*. There were some crowd pleasing quotes in this vid.

e: The biggest bummer on this was that the volume was way down for the first half of the second video, so I lost alot of what they were saying. They should sell copies of the video -- I'd buy one.

-- While tuning between songs, Eric started playing "sweet home alabama". He looked over at Luke and urged him to join in. It was a kinda lame, half-assed rendering. Then Todd started singing, slowly, "big wheels keep on turning..." like it was a great ballad. They stopped after the first chorus.

-- Todd got some pleasure in goofing on Tamer's new cowbell. During "sellout" he sang "cowbell's a sellout now". He also thanked Tamer and the Cowbells for opening up for emmet. There were some other cowbell references, but I guess they're lost forever.

e: But he really jammed on the bell during "hey! jesse".

-- Luke and Tamer did a not-even-slightly-funky lead in for "so lonely" -- until Tamer shifted into a big intro that Stewart Copeland would be proud of.

e: Tamer was really on all night -- and the night before for that matter...

-- On "boones farm wine" ["I'll Be Fine"], Todd missed the line in the first verse: "now we sit around and never dream", and instead sang the line from the second verse "people next door got books about things you wouldn't believe". Halfway through the line, he realized his mistake and started making a silly dunce face and pulling his hair straight up off his head (whatever that means). Afterwards, he asked the crowd if anyone knew the right words so that he could get it right the next night...

-- They jammed at the end of "this is my life". After this song, Todd said that they hadn't played it in a long time. Couldn't tell by listening. They were juking.

-- TT Reynold's is a good place to hear a band, but the deep and narrow shape with the stage in the middle gets a bit weird when it's real crowded, like this show was. The bar's at one end and the restrooms at the other, so there is a constant two way stream of people wanting to be at the other side of the crowd around the stage. The best are the people who clear the crowd by leading with a lit cigarette. yow.

e: Football/news playing during the entire show was a bit distracting and odd.

s: The crowd seemed older than what usually shows up around Fairfax. Probably has to do with it being Monday during exam week or something.

e: and only Santa went crowd surfing ...

s: hehe

*** bozo factor: 20% smoke saturation: 97%

overall: GREAT SHOW!

-- snopes

Thanks to Motz for letting me take this from his old site.