June 7, 1996 (6PM)
Fairfax Fair
Fairfax, VA

  1. I'll Be Fine
  2. Ed's Song
  3. Fake Wood Trim
  4. Living Room
  5. Expect Me
  6. Arlington
  7. Clean Water
  8. When Morning Comes
  9. Long Way Down
  10. Birdman of Columbia
  11. Jump in the Water
  12. Sellout
  13. 8:45
  14. Hey Jesse

(Thanks to Chris Nelson for the setlist!)

Note from Kara, page admin: This was my first Emmet show. I'd never seen or heard the band before. I can remember that there was a huge crowd of people in front of the stage, singing along to every song and screaming "Clean Water! Clean Water!" (Some things never change, it seems.) After the show I bought Dark When the Snow Falls. I remember that there was a small crowd of people talking to Todd Watts through a chain link fence which separated the crowd from the "backstage" area. Some girls nearby, upon seeing Todd, shrieked, "Oh my God, it's Emmet Swimming!" in the most cliche valley-girl voice possible. My friend and I made fun of that for years to come... I certainly never expected to become the rabid fan I became in subsequent years as I saw the band again and again.